We’ve built a nature playscape on our playground!

It’s not that our playground wasn’t already great – it was! Children love our swings and slides and climbers; all key pleasures of early childhood.  But children also need trees, and grass, and mud holes, and rocks – the nature-based components that research tells us calm and center children, foster emotional development, and connect children to the wonder of the world outdoors.

Thanks to a generous donation, your child can now find new, nature-focused playspaces in the area surrounding our trike track, with open-ended play opportunities that promote creative, cooperative play.
Grassy hillocks will send your child up and down mountains in his imagination.  A play stage with pulleys and flags and a percussion center with pipes, pots, pans and bells will make room for music and drama.  A new sandbox, complete with kitchen area and stainless steel sinks, sits side by side with a boulder-lined rock pit. Native flowers bloom along the western border, fronting a secret path for adventure play.

Our students are really enjoying their new nature based playground! Feel free to check it out with your child any time!