Parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate in NFCNS activities both in and out of the classroom. There are many ways in which a parent can volunteer time. Help is sometimes needed in the classroom for special projects, upcoming events and parties. Help is also always needed and appreciated for fundraising, toy cleaning, and other endeavors throughout the school year.

Ready to get involved? Our school runs with the help of parent volunteers in conjunction with our amazing staff.  Check out the latest volunteer opportunities here.  Or consider joining the Parent Volunteer Board! Our Board meets monthly in person the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm.   All are welcome at any time!

Board of Directors

Joining the NFCNS Board of Directors is yet another great way to get involved in your child’s education and serve the community. By joining the Board, parents have the opportunity to work alongside a wonderful group of parents and staff who all share the common goal of making NFCNS a great place for our students. Please contact the NFCNS Board President to find out how you can apply to join the board.

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Room Parents

Parent participation makes a big difference!  Volunteering to become a room parent offers parents the opportunity to observe and get involved in their child’s school activities. Interested parents work with teachers to define where parent volunteers may be helpful. This can include classroom help with class projects, holiday parties, or other events created by the NFCNS Hospitality Committee.

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Classroom Volunteers

Please share your special skills or interests with us!  The school is happy to welcome any parent with a special interest, hobby or profession to come into our classroom and share time with the children.

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Toy Cleaning

Another way to give of your time is to volunteer at our bi-annual toy cleaning days.  NFCNS parents descend on every single classroom en masse! Armed with disinfectant (as green as we can get!) and gloves, we thoroughly wipe down every toy and surface, we sanitize everything possible in a disinfectant solution, and we wash whatever can be washed in a machine or by hand.  We are the ONLY school in the area that does this, and it’s really important because while our teachers do a great job of keeping things clean on a daily basis, NFCNS parents feel that this deep clean (especially in the winter when runny noses are rampant!) goes the extra step to keeping our students healthy and safe.

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Community Outreach

Throughout the year, Northfield Community Nursery School encourages our school community to support organizations in surrounding communities that are responsive to people in need. The school lobby will serve as a drop off point for various items that selected charities have requested. Have a favorite cause? Please see NFCNS Director or NFCNS Board President for more information about how NFCNS can help your organization.



NFCNS’s Fundraising Committee organizes activities and events to raise money for our wonderful school.   Participation in these events is strictly voluntary. Fundraising activities include:  Scholastic Books, Restaurant Nights, a Fall Parent Party, the annual Holiday Cookie Walk, and the Spring Benefit.

Private donations are also welcomed.  NFCNS is a 501c3 non-profit organization and may qualify for employer match programs and grants.  The fundraising committee is available to assist with completing applications on your behalf.  For more information about fundraising, please visit the NFCNS Fundraising page.  You may also contact the VP of Fundraising to volunteer.