Our Community

It’s not enough to welcome our families, usher in the children, and close our doors. NFCNS recognizes a responsibility to the larger community to work cooperatively to enhance the quality of life for families and children.

You may have attended our free family event, Saturday Splat, when we invite our friends and neighbors in for a morning of messy fun. Perhaps you have joined us for our Screen Break Pajama Party or our Monkey Business event, in partnership with the Alliance for Early Childhood. Here is more information about our community participation:

Northfield Park District
NFCNS partners with the Park District on various events throughout the year. Director Heather Burns, along with teachers and parents, enjoy volunteering for these events, where we have the opportunity to meet lots of NFCNS friends and neighbors.

The Alliance for Early Childhood
NFCNS is a member of the Alliance for Early Childhood, a Winnetka-based group whose mission is to provide programs and support for parents and professionals who educate and care for young children. NFCNS staff are honored by annual Teacher Tributes and serve on Alliance planning committees, and our parent Alliance Representative works to advance their important work. Once a year NFCNS hosts a special, free, family event in support of the Alliance’s ScreenBreak event; if you don’t know the ScreenBreak you are in for a treat this March!

A Just Harvest
Every winter NFCNS Pre-K students and parents bake cookies to be taken to this Rogers Park community soup kitchen by our friends at Northfield Community Church. Last year we baked 44 dozen cookies to be distributes to adults and children in need.

Northfield Township Food Pantry
Part of our role as parents and educators is to help our children recognize the bounty of their lives, and learn to be empathetic and generous towards those who have less. And so, each year NFCNS holds a food drive to support our local food pantry.

Middlefork School, Sunset Ridge District 29
Our good neighbors across the street invite our Pre-K students to visit a real kindergarten every spring, and meet with our Pre-K teachers to help make the step between preschool and kindergarten simple and comfortable.

Winnetka/Northfield Chamber of Commerce
NFCNS is a member of the Winnetka/Northfield Chamber of Commerce, and can be found at the Northfield Farmer’s Market under the Chamber’s tent one Saturday in July…we will also visit the Glenview Farmer’s Market!

Members of the NFCNS staff serve on the planning committee for Inspiring Nature Play, an annual full-day educator training hosted by the Chicago Botanic Garden (www.chicagobotanic.org/education/teacher_programs/inspiring_nature_play_digging_deeper) and the Alliance for Early Childhood, and volunteer at the Commitment to Quality Fall Conference sponsored by Oakton Community College and the Golden Corridor Association for the Education of Young Children (http://goaeyc.org) .

If you know of a service opportunity related to children and the greater Northfield community, please share it with Director Katie Spicuzza.