Enrollment 2021-2022 School Year


NEW this year! Registration will be 100% virtual on our new online plateform. 

Registration is open. A few spots are left in each section so register today!  There will be a $100 non-refundable enrollment fee, payable at the time of registration for each registered student.

Please contact our Director, Katie Spicuzza, or our VP of Enrollment, Kaite Lutz for more information about classes for the 2020-2021 school year.

Music & Movement (6mos-2yrs)

Music and Movement gets grown-ups moving and little ones grooving, with bubbles, bells, shakers and puppets to keep adults and tots engaged and enthusiastic. 

***Currently on hold for 2021/2022. Please check back frequently as regulations are changing regularly***

Parent & Tot (15mos-2yrs)    

***BACK FOR THE 2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR***

Parents and Tots is the perfect “baby” step into preschool, with a loved one close by to boost confidence and fun!   Music, art exploration and tactile play build big kid skills in a tot-friendly setting. Max: 11 students with one parent

Fridays: 9:30-10:45am

Registration opens July 7th!

*These prices are for the 2021-2022 school year. For questions please call us at 847-446-1116*

2s (must be 2 by September 1)    Deposit $400 & 3 Installments of $842         $2,926 for the year

Our 2s class is a great first start in “by myself” preschool, where loving teachers support children’s growing confidence in themselves and this new environment.  Stories, songs, and growing friendships develop social and language skills; tactile and active play round out this important first school experience.  Max. 11 students.
Monday & Tuesday 8:30-11:00 am 


Almost 3s (must be 2 by April 30)        Deposit $400 & 3 Installments of $1282        $4246 for the year

A class tailored for children who miss the cut-off for 3s preschool by just a few months (children will turn 2 before April 30). Our Almost 3s learn three days a week as they play side-by-side with new friends and trusted teachers. Predictable routines foster independence, while singing, painting and pretend play encourage creativity. Young minds grow naturally through exploration and experimentation, with skilled staff at hand to guide and support.  Max. 11 students.
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 8:30- 11:00 am


New options for enrollment:    Enroll in the Monday/Tuesday 2s class if your child’s birthday falls after April 1, or those days suit your child’s needs and your schedule best regardless of age.  If you feel your older 2-year-old is ready for the fun of three days of preschool, the Wednesday/Thursday/Friday Almost 3s class is your class!  Eager learners who adjust well to variety and social activities may consider enrolling in both M/T 2s and W-F Almost 3s.


*These prices are for the 2021-2022 school year. For questions please call us at 847-446-1116*

4-Day (must be 3 by 9/1)   Deposit $400 & 3 Installments of $1,480             $4,840 for the year

Preschool suits 3’s to a tee, with learning embedded in hands-on, play experiences that delight and engage young children while building math, science and language skills.  Child-directed and teacher-led learning share a place in these busy classrooms, where stories, music, discovery and discussion help children make friends and learn about their world.  Max. 17 students.
Monday thru Thursday 9:00-11:30am 


*These prices are for the 2021-2022 school year. For questions please call us at 847-446-1116*

A few spots left in afternoon Pre-K! 

Pre-K (must be 4 by 9/1)     Deposit $400 & 3 Installments of $1,733         $5,599 for the year

The important pre-kindergarten year builds on a foundation of confidence and curiosity as children explore, experiment, problem-solve, create and move in an environment structured to provide the learning experiences needed for success in the kindergarten year to come.  “Missteps” become steps towards understanding as children learn the value of making mistakes and testing new ideas in an environment of acceptance and respect.
Monday thru Friday 9:15pm-11:45pm or 12:15pm-2:45pm

*These prices are for the 2021-2022 school year. For questions please call us at 847-446-1116*

How does registration work?

Priority registration is given to current Board Members. Past Executive Board Members that have completed 2 years of service on the NFCNS Board of Directors and members of the Northfield Community Church have the ability to register with current families.

All registrations are processed on a first come, first served basis.

How will registration work for Pre-K?

Once registration opens for current families, you will indicate your first and second choice of pre-k class schedule. When registration for current families closes, a lottery will occur to determine classroom assignments. Once notified of class placement, payment of $400 is due within 24 hours, in order to secure your spot.

New and returning families will then be offered open spots on a first come, first serve basis.

Can I visit the school before the registration date?

Due to Covid-19, safety regulations prohit NFCNS from giving in person tours. Please feel free to take a virutal tour. Also, if you have anu questions, please reach out to our director at 847-446-1116.

What if a class is full when I get to registration?

Any class that has reached capacity enrollment will be closed and a waitlist will be available.  For waitlist details please contact NFCNS Director, Katie Spicuzza at

What if I change my mind after enrolling?

At the time of registration, you will be required to sign a copy of the NFCNS Enrollment Contract which outlines the NFCNS withdrawal and refund policy.  All withdrawal inquiries should be sent to the NFCNS Director.

Does NFCNS offer any type of financial assistance?

NFCNS strives to make early childhood education an option for all families regardless of their financial situation. Confidential Financial Assistance is available for qualifying families to cover up to 20% of the tuition cost per child. To learn more about Financial Assistance for your child, please complete the Financial Assistance Application and return it to by May 20th for the upcoming school year. Additional assistance may be available after the May 20th deadline. Please use the email address above with any financial assistance requests at any time.