About Our School

Northfield Community Nursery School embraces a play-based, developmentally appropriate curriculum for all children.  We believe strongly that children learn best through activities and experiences that are engaging, meaningful, and hands-on.  Play is the natural medium through which children engage with and learn about their world.

Through a variety of structured and unstructured developmental activities, we strive to:

  • Provide a safe, nurturing environment that encourages the trust necessary for separation and confident participation.
  • Promote cognitive, physical (fine and gross motor), social-emotional, self-help, and language development by providing appropriate learning experiences and skilled adult guidance.
  • Develop a sense of community through social and educational events for NFCNS families and others, by inviting community members to share their knowledge and skill with our classrooms, and by partnering with area agencies for the well-being of our families and the larger preschool community.
  • Support developing friendships and social skills, including problem-solving, negotiation, empathy, respect, and cooperation.
  • Offer exposure to rich and novel activities that stimulate and encourage each child’s imagination, creativity, and understanding.
  • Work with area elementary schools to ensure that all children entering Kindergarten are prepared to meet the expectations of their next school environment.
  • Maintain open and reciprocal communication and partnership with families. NFCNS embraces a collaborative model of joining with families to support each child’s individual development.

We pride ourselves on the warm, caring atmosphere of our school and we encourage all families to participate at their own level of commitment and interest. 

What’s Growing in Our Garden

Special Plans and Projects at NFCNS

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There are several nursery schools closer to our home, but when my daughter says “Mommy, I love my school”, I know I’ve made the right decision. NFCNS has done an excellent job of preparing my children for kindergarden!
Jenni, NFCNS Parent